NESTLE NESPRESSO INTERVIEW JULIEN MARIO Comments Off on NESTLE NESPRESSO INTERVIEW JULIEN MARIO 2213 had the pleasure to meet Nestle/Nespresso Middle East and Africa BDM Mr Julien Mario at the Culinary Festival of Bernard LOISEAU at Belle Mare Place Hotel together with his team and distribution partner Scott & Co Ltd.

Mr Mario shares with us the amazing product development and branding behind their great coffee that is Nespresso.

  1. Tell us about the Nespresso story

The Nespresso story started with a simple but revolutionary idea: enable everyone to create the prefect cup of coffee just like a barista. Since then, our relentless quest to produce the highest quality coffee using the most sustainable sourcing methods has redefined the way millions of people enjoy their coffee. With the touch of a button, we’ve brought the world’s best beans into homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafés, delivering the ultimate coffee experience to our customers, cup after cup. 

  1. How were the early days of Nespresso, and how it evolved?

Nespresso was founded in 1986. During the 1970’s, a Nestlé R&D team started developing a project to redefine the art of making espresso. The idea was simple yet revolutionary: to enable everyone, whether in their homes or work places, to make the perfect espresso coffee. In 1986, Nespresso SA is founded with a staff of five employees, four Grand Crus varieties and one machine.  The first Nespresso boutique is opened as a concept store in Paris in 2000. 

At the very beginning, we had only 4 coffees. Today, our original line offers 24 coffees for in-home enjoyments. We offer 15 coffees for out-of-home enjoyment. We also produce several limited editions coffees each year. 

The Essenza machine is launched in 2004, introducing the innovative top loading drop-in capsule concept that has influenced all subsequent Nespresso coffee machine designs.

Each year, we are bringing something new and innovative for all the coffee lovers both in our coffee range and in machine range

  1. Can you share a few figures with us?

Nespresso now has operations in 69 countries. There are more than 600 Nespresso boutiques in 372 cities in 63 countries around the world. At the end of 2016, Nespresso had more than 12,000 employees around the world, in 2000 we had just 331 employees. And more than 70% of employees in the markets are in direct contact with consumers. Nespresso operates 3 production centres based in Switzerland (Avenches, Orbe and Romont)

  1. What about Nespresso in Mauritius

Nespresso is distributed in Mauritius by Scott & Co Ltd since 2012 and the first point of sale, the Nespresso boutique at Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius opened in 2013. Moreover, we have other outlets in Grand Baie La Croisette, Ruisseau Creole, and at the Head Office of Scott & Co. Ltd in Riche Terre. Despite being a small country, Mauritius is a very promising market for the Nespresso brand. Mauritians are starting to know the value of a good coffee, and this is reflected with our presence in key regions of the island.

We also distribute Nespresso in the Hotels and over the years we have been able to partner with restaurants, cafés and hotels so as for them propose a better coffee experience to their customers. The Nespresso Café Gourmand is now present in the menu of many leading hotels and restaurants in Mauritius.

  1. You’ve mentioned Grand Cru earlier. How Nespresso creates this high-quality coffee?

We’ve involved in every aspect of the coffee value chain, so we can ensure the highest standards from coffee bean to coffee cup. Our range of exceptional blends and pure, singly origin coffees are crafted from the world’s best beans. They’re specially made to suit all kinds of tastes and to be at home in every environment – from kitchens and cafés to hotels and offices.

  1. Nespresso is also about the innovative coffee machines? Right?

From the capsule to the machine, we combine unique technology with quality, speed and smart design for an effortless, state-of-the-art experience. Our machines enhance coffee aroma, crema and flavour, pairing just the right amount of water and pressure for the perfect coffee every time. We develop new coffee varieties to meet consumer demand, design packaging for unrivalled freshness and constantly seek ways to improve our customers’ experience. Towards the end of 2017, we have launched two new ranges of machines in Mauritius: Essenza Mini and Expert. 

  1. How is the price of the Nespresso capsules perceived?

We are confident that our prices reflect the quality of our beans and the level of service we provide to our customers. Only a small proportion of the world’s coffee meets our standards in terms of quality and taste. This is why, year after year we return to the same farmers to purchase their beans investing the long-term viability and sustainability of their farms and pay premiums for superior coffee. Nespresso also invests in trained coffee specialists who provide customers advice on coffee selection.

  1. What is caffeine and how many coffee cups can one person consume a day?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in around 60 plant species, including coffee beans, tea leaves and cocoa beans. In 2015, a detailed study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on caffeine safety concluded that moderate caffeine intake of about 400 mg per day does not have any adverse effect on healthy adults. We believe that moderate consumption is between 3-5 cups per day, depending on the blend. While there is no evidence that more than five cups will negatively impact on a person’s health, everyone should be aware of their own caffeine consumption and define what’s best for them. 

  1. Last question. What else?

Haha! Well, George Clooney has been our brand ambassador since 2006. Not only has he helped to build a more human, and humorous side to the brand, but he has also strengthened Nespresso’s premium brand image and made it a very aspirational brand. Recently, he visited our AAA coffee farms in Costa Rica to experience and understand the sustainability initiatives of the Nespresso. He might certainly be our most famous Club Member, but like the rest of our brand community, he shares a delight in exceptional coffee.

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“Jordi Vila describes his journey from helping out in family restau- rants in Barcelona to becoming Executive Chef at Constance Le- muria, on the island of Praslin, Seychelles, where he has the free- dom to bring forth his experience and creativity to create unique dishes to tantalise the taste buds of the clientele.”

The position of Executive Chef at Constance Lemuria, on the north-western side of Praslin island, Seychelles, is one which Jordi Vila truly relishes. Constance Lemu- ria is one of two Constance Group luxury hotels in the Seychelles, which opened inDecember 1999. The five-star eco-friendly hotel is one of the Leading Hotels in theWorld, and it has five restaurants offering a range of different cuisines.

So what is it like working at the heart of the culinary operations of the hotel?

Jordi explains that “at Constance Lemuria the concept of “cooking” is about perfection and precise timing – everything has to be on time! Operating the timing of the restaurants, the time service of our restaurant and kitchen team, the timing of the dishes, how long does it take to prepare a dish and the pace of the guests according to their needs, therefore during the day I am busy with many timings! It is difficult to balance home and work as a Chef, considering as well that it is not easy in a small island like Praslin and I can say that my “normal” working day reflects many timings, many meetings and of course the passion for food.


The life of an Executive Chef is certainly a busy one with many meetings and activities over the course of the day. “Every day I wake up at 7am! At 8am I have my first meeting over a coffee with my Executive Sous Chef, and at 8.30am I have my second meeting with all the heads of the departments where we all discuss the daily operations. At 11am, I have my third meeting with all the chefs de cuisine in my office and my last meeting is at 1pm, with the team from the ‘Diva’ restaurant where we always brainstorm new menus, new concepts and trends,” Jordi explains.

In terms of his evening routine, “at 6 pm I start to supervise all the restaurants: our main buffet restaurant ‘Legend’, our Creole restaurant ‘The Nest’, private and exclusive dinners and our fine dining ‘Diva’ restaurant, where I work until 10pm, and at 11.30pm I have my first glass of wine…”


Jordi has been working for Constance Group for the last four years and at Lemuria since January 2018. Describing his move to the company, Jordi comments that “what attracted me mostly was the freedom that was given to me to run the culinary team. It has been a good opportunity for me as well because Constance Group is well known and popular for its passion for wine and culinary experience. I just knew, from the beginning, that the Constance Group was giving me the chance to develop my creative skills with high quality products. For a Chef it is priceless to work with the best products in the world! I can surely say that Constance Lemuria is an essential port of call for lovers of rejuvenated traditional gastronomy,” he adds.

He also highlights that Constance Lemuria has a focus on local products. “At ‘The Legend’ and ‘The Nest’ restaurants we offer a big variety of local cuisine using local products such as rice, fish, pork, pineapple, mango, okra, breadfruit, pumpkin, eggplant, cabbage, exotic fruits, watermelon, chili, curry leaves and, of course, a lot of coconut,” he says.

“The sea is a real source of inspiration which provides me power and creativity”


So how did Jordi end up as Executive Chef at Constance Lemuria? “Well, throughout my childhood and my teenage years, my family ran a few restaurants in Barcelona. I have always been very enthusiastic about the culinary arts, hence when I turned 15, I started helping out my family at the restaurants,” he explains.

From his early days, doing odd jobs around the kitchen, Jordi’s interest in the culinary field and Chefs continued to grow, which led him to undertake a traineeship as a pastry Chef. “However, with more maturity, I chose to develop my knowledge and get closer to the business area. Hence, I have diverted my skills from pastry to the hot kitchen side,” he comments.

At the age of 20, Jordi started travelling around the world as his ultimate goal was to attempt to learn more and broaden his horizons in this field, and finally he has worked all over the world.


While Jordi has already come a long way from his starting point, he has a number of new projects in the pipeline. “I have in mind a first project at Constance Lemuria with our Sushi Bar. I am planning to elab- orate a very personal tasting menu called “By the Sea”. The idea is to combine Japanese and Spanish products and maximize the umami’s flavours by using only seasonal products. The concept is to create a different menu each morning which will be served at dinner time. Therefore, we will offer new dishes on the menu on a daily basis which means a lot of creativity, and there will be only 15 seats available,” he elaborates.
He has a second project in the offing which is to implement a special menu called “The Raw” which will be served at the counter of ‘Diva’ restaurant, which is the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. “This menu will be tailor-made with the best products and the concept will be simply based on applying less heat to the ingredients. By using this method, it will allow the product to be served in its purest form and to be the centre of the nutritious natural flavor,” he enthuses, with the seating capacity to be around 10 seats for this special experience.


To sum up, what are the key sources of in- spiration for Jordi as he seeks to improve the experience for his customers? First of all, Jordi highlights that “the sea is a real source of inspiration which provides me power and creativity”.

Secondly, and more directly, Jordi ex-plains that his customers give him the drive towards constant improvement of his creativity, day by day. “I must admit that my way to cook is a real personal interpretation,” he admits. “Hence, with any comment or criticism a customer might mention to me, I usually take it to heart but always in a positive way. My only goal is their satisfaction and to make them happy with the dishes I create. When I receive any comment or encourage- ment from them, it provides me with the strength to do even better and try to go always higher.”