Emmanuelle Coquet, is the Director of The Gourmet Emporium and L’Epicerie Delicatessens.

The company she incorporated in 2010, imports and supplies gastronomic products to the best hotels of the island. Alongside a dedicated professional team and her daughter, she manages three delicatessens and its catering service.

Hospitality & Private Catering in Mauritius is her playground and it is not surprising that she has been coined as “The Gastronomy Queen”. Recently nominated at the IBL Tecoma Awards, Emmanuelle gives us a glimpse of her busy life, which entails meeting at her level best the requirements of her clients but at the same time keeping quality for her family which is her priority.

Besides being a devoted mother, this serial entrepreneur is not only famous for her contribution to the Mauritian gastronomy, hospitality and catering events but is always networking and constantly promoting her brands herself. The key to her success is her innate passion for fine food products, and likewise she nurtures great love for the Champagne Billecart-Salmon for which she holds an exclusif distribution for Mauritius.

Her company is also the exclusive distribution for the Rova Caviar from Madagascar in Mauritius, a first in the Indian Ocean. In order to provide a wider range of gastronomic products to the market she undertakes to continuously source out new products which indirectly allows for growth in the food and beverage sector in line with latest culinary trends. To showcase and market their products better, the company carries out numerous tasting events where chefs are able to discover discerning quality products.

In addition to her various professional activities Mrs Coquet is also involved in benevolent activities. She helped intensively to launch the ‘Chefs du Cœur’, an association of chefs and celebrities from the hospitality industry, which organizes gastronomic evenings to raise funds to support good causes. It also runs the “Foot for the future” program in the Riambel region (south of the island) which combines sports support (purchase of shoes, balloons and sponsorships) and literacy program for underprivileged children.

So all of you, gastronomy professionals, gourmet and wine lovers, remember that The Gourmet Emporium and L’Epicerie is definitely a one stop shop for the quality products you are constantly looking for. Your shopping experience will be a journey of discovery of the finest gourmet foods and wines selected with passion.

THE EMPORIUM GOURMET LTD, Ferney Road, Forest Side – Tél : 670 9997

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As the hospitality industry resumes operations, it has been the moment to adapt, redesign and implement new ways and ideas to help the sector accelerate recovery and reinvent the hospitality of tomorrow.

What are the most prominent trends in hospitality today and what will the new customers’ demands be? How are hotels adapting their business operations to receive travellers and go back to business but still remaining sustainable? What are the best ways to gain guests’ confidence back? What is the role of technology in the process? These and more topics will be discussed in this webinar on the future of the hospitality sector post COVID-19, focusing in the Middle East region.

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After the recent round of short interviews with hospitality leaders in the Maldives, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka, these were the key messages that will win customers back. 

MALDIVES – No social distancing, but a rather physical distancing in the Maldives.

One month ago the Maldives reopened the country borders to international travelers and since then, welcomed nearly 4500 tourists mainly from the UK, USA, UAE, Germany, Swiss, and Russia. With strict health and safety standard procedures implemented across the country, starting from the airport to the resort islands, the ‘new travelers’ have already voiced their appreciation for the level of care and hygiene on various social media and forums. But if being welcomed by the resort representatives wrapped in PPE and armed with face shield, gloves, and masks might not feel like the most relaxing start of a much-needed holiday, Afeef Hussain, Regional Director at LUX* Resorts in the Maldives, reassures that guests do love the feeling of safety 

“Being able to arrive at the resort and start enjoying their vacation right away not having to worry about anything, is what our guests want”

Together with high levels of hygiene, another key element to restoring travel confidence is the value of the experience. Afeef Hussain shares that the ‘new travelers’ are not going to spend the same amount of money they used to. Therefore, the value of the vacation is under great scrutiny and determines whether your customer might decide to return to your hotel or to travel somewhere else. 

“There is no such thing of ‘new normal’, but rather a ‘new mindset’”

To ensure that each action taken to uphold the hygiene standards at the resorts is mutually beneficial, Afeef says that whatever is done for the guests, is also done for the team members. This ensures their wellbeing and wellness and translates the Company’s core message of ‘care’ into action.

SRI LANKA – Borders are closed, but our resorts are not.

Sri Lanka has recently delayed the opening of the country borders, but hotels and resorts across the island are back in business with the local market. The execution of health and safety standards at each property has been instrumental to restore a domestic travel confidence, says Arjuna Perera – Sales Manager at Theme Resorts & SPA based in Colombo. To start with, Arjuna Perera and his team produced a video message to show all the procedures and reassure their customer base. 

‘We immediately created a survey, to help understand what are our customers’ priorities at this critical time’ 

But, as we know, the local market demand alone does not cover it. A voucher system propelled by Arjuna’s sales team successfully generated over 1000 room nights. This shows that flexibility is another key factor to encourage travel demand. Flights can be canceled or delayed, quarantine systems are changing by the day. ‘All we need is a bit of flexibility’ says Arjuna ‘and the results are showing us that people are keen to travel, they just want to feel safe’. 

But how do we ensure social distancing in Sri Lanka? For Theme Resorts & Spa, more than distancing, we talk about isolation, but in a good way. The nature experience of some of their properties is guaranteed to the point that to reach some of their glamping sites, you will have to be picked up by the hotel concierge somewhere in the jungle.

MAURITIUS – A contactless experience and smart use of technology.

As Mauritius prepares to reopen borders next month, the health & safety checklist of the destination seems to grow longer.

The use of technology, however, plays a key role in the destination, currently undergoing a digital transformation with a brand new website, a travel platform in the making and a range of digital solutions for tourists. Airline and travel industry expert Youvraj Seeam, based in Mauritius, shares that to pick up on travel confidence, we first have to observe the consumers’ changing behaviors and thereafter understand the new demands.

“For this to be truly successful, we need collaboration with all the stakeholders across the industry”

Youvraj shares that tools like the Travel Recovery Insights Portal of ARC & Boston Consulting, the McKinsey Travel Pulse, or the Traveller Trends Tracker by Adara must be on top of today’s agenda for the modern marketer. This would enable industry leaders to have more visibility and start making progress along the way.

Based on his experience in the airline industry, the key message needs to revolve around hygiene standards and procedures from the moment the traveler checks-in, boards the plane and reaches the destination. Once arrived, says Youvraj, a contactless experience needs to be in place to ensure a safe transit until the guest ultimately reaches the hotel.

 About the author:

Dolores Semeraro is a multilingual professional speaker and trainer, fluent in the Chinese language. She provides strategic direction and training courses to companies and tourism institutions helping them to speak today’s digital language of their audience. Her vision is to create a sustainable digital connection between travel industry stakeholders and their desired customers.