Constance Culinary Festival - 15th edition

Mauritius is rightly famous for its beaches of white sand, but the island is also renowned for its fine dining heritage, which includes the Constance Culinary Festival. Since 2006, chefs and pastry chefs from all over the world have met annually at Constance Belle Mare Plage to cook alongside the chefs of Constance Hotels & Resorts and share their passion for the art of cooking.

As in previous years, the program includes a series of contests and events, but the Constance Culinary Festival is primarily about friendship, sharing and meetings between passionate professionals united by, and for, their love of fine dining and pastry.

An unmissable, culinary event to be attended at least once in your life

For this special 15th edition, six winners from previous festivals – all with Michelin stars – will travel from all over Europe to participate in the event from Saturday 21 to Saturday 28, March.
Wahabi Nouri, winner in 2007 and Chef at Le Piment Rouge (Germany), Sascha Kemmerer, winner in 2019 and chef at Kilian Stuba (Austria), Luc Mobihan, winner in 2013 and Chef at Le Saint Placide (France), Serge Vieira, winner in 2011 and Chef at Serge Vieira (France), William Ledeuil, winner in 2017 and Chef at Ze Kitchen Galerie (France) and Michael Reis, winner in 2018 and Chef at Johanns (Germany). 

All six will cook alongside six other chefs from Constance hotels and resorts in Mauritius, the Maldives and Seychelles, namely the ‘Constance Chefs’.

An opportunity for each of them to showcase their respective expertise and passion and to highlight the local fine dining.

The competition jury members will be among others; Dominique Loiseau (Chair), Patrick Bertron (chef at the 2-star Relais Bernard Loiseau restaurant) and Andreas Larsson (voted Best Sommelier of the World in 2007).

Patrick Bertron

Alongside the culinary competition, the Pierre Hermé Trophy will also be the focus of the festival. 

Over the years, the Pierre Hermé Trophy has become just as important as the culinary competition and shares the same concept with competitors working in pairs: a European chef with a Constance hotel chef. The level of quality seems to reach a new level every year as the desserts become more and more innovative.   

This year, the six French chefs selected by Pierre Hermé and Frédéric Cassel to celebrate pastry in all its splendour are Eric Vergne, Pascal Lac, Sébastien Bouillet, Vincent Guerlais, Jérôme de Oliveira and Thierry Bridron. They will work alongside pastry chefs from Constance properties to share their expertise, passion and love for food. Each will be a source of inspiration for the other to ensure that everyone receives the total sensory experience.

The jury members are pastry chefs Pierre Hermé (one of the great masters of sophisticated French pâtisserie), Frédéric Cassel (President of the prestigious Association Relais Desserts), and Mercotte (TV presenter and food blogger).

These two main contests highlight the new concept of the event, now called, the Constance Culinary Festival.
Throughout the week, a total of 7 competitions will be held alongside tastings, masterclasses and several exceptional dinners at Constance Belle Mare Plage and Constance Prince Maurice. 
The winners of the different competitions will then be announced at the awards ceremony.

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Mauritius Hospitality, Travel & Tourism sector is in for a hard hit and a long long road to recovery! Just like Egypt’s Tourism has recently shown the World how hard it is to overcome unprecedented challenges that comes with such destructive and disruptive event such as their Arab Spring of 2011. Now the World has woken up to this “Global Plandemic Covid 19” event which I qualify of the worst tourists (local & international) attack on all the living souls and businesses on this planet which depends on tourism to survive. This catastrophique event will create the same adverse effects if not worst to all Hospitality, Travel and Tourism destination alike. No one will be spared here! Not Egypt nor our tiny travel destination that his Mauritius.

According to the WTTC: “Over the coming months, it will be crucial to call upon governments all over the world to ensure the survival of travel and tourism, which currently has up to 75 million jobs at immediate risk globally, with up to 5.9 million at risk in the U.S.A. alone,” Gloria Guevara, WTTC president/CEO, said in an official release.

Source – https://www.hotelmanagement.net/own/wttc-travel-tourism-critical-to-economic-recovery

Reading the above article and after watching the documentary below about Egypt long hard road to recovery post Arab Spring from it’s once glorious days of tourism with 15M annual visitors, I predict that we will all have to face in the coming months and I would even argue years the same situation unfortunately. People are talking this December all will get back to normal I am not that optimistic and would argue we must reflect and copy the attitude, laws and mindset of the Egyptians GVT, People about regaining their glorious days of Tourism.

See video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gp7SkhwgfY

The Lessons to learn and take from Egypt Tourism post Crisis 2011

Source – https://egyptindependent.com/fifteen-million-tourists-to-visit-egypt-in-2020-wto-economic-advisor/

Let’s breaks down the immediate effects from such terrorists attacks travel ban on Egypt’s Hospitality, Travel & Tourism post Arab Spring of 2011 and their solutions as a nation which lead to the road to recovery 5 to 10 years on leading to 2020 with the hopeful signs of them regaining their 15M annual tourists, but Covid 19 happened to halt their amazing hard work to recovery.

It took them close to 9 years to finally get back to 15M visitors and the WTO Economic Advisor forecasted just that in Jan 2020, a month before this Global Pandemic was announced and crumbled everyone hard efforts in regaining travellers trust and Tourism business momentum of getting ahead.

Firstly, Egypt has been world the leader in Tourism for decades and once had 15M tourists back in 2011 prior the Arab Spring which shock its Tourism and Travel industry. By 2016, 5 years after the terrorist attacks which last less than a month, they could only manage to get 5M annual visitors which represents a massive 70% drop. The entire nation felt such a dramatic tourism decline and hit on their businesses which all depended on Tourism and directly affected their daily livelihood, their income which was severely reflected in their national GDP. Everyone living in the Capital, cities and villages around felt this for the past 5 years and even now 9 years on which they describe in the video above. They all keeps talking and remembering the good old days prior this travel shock which took down their first economic pillar. Lesson #1.

Secondly, all had to work very very hard collectively to make their most important assets which is their tourism image from the World famous tourism sites of the Pyramids to their Nile River down to the smallest tourist floating taxis. All the Egyptians who work on this World famous river said that they all cleaned it daily. A sailer was saying that not even one plastic bottle was left floating around. They all respected her (Nile and Egypt) and knew how she was precious for their daily lives and to make sure tourists was impressed with the cleanliness of the Nile river and the safety of Egypt was paramount to their recovery plan to 15M annual visitors. Lesson #2.

Lastly, all Egyptians knew that the travellers who travelled very far to come meet and discover this biblical river had at heart the wealth of their country. This river is the life and blood of all the cities and villagers who needed her water foremost and all used her routes. The lesson we must all learn and all remember here, is they all adopted the collective attitude to make Egypt clean and safe but most importantly they all worked together to make sure that the rare tourists were treated so well that they would come back the following year or sell the destination to their friends and family. Lesson #3.

These are the most important lessons we must all adopt post Covid 19 is to respect our island and to keep it clean everywhere that includes inside everyone gardens, neighbours, river, beaches and mountains. All Mauritians must adopt such an attitude if we want to win this together. If Egypt, one of the most visited destination and country in the World has done it by restructuring its laws on pollution, on hotel pricing and they managed to change their population mindset to make it safer and rebuild their image post the Arab Spring war which they finally were going to overcome as they were set to regain 15M tourists, but this Covid-19 halted their hopeful forecasted figures this 2020.

Source – https://www.ceicdata.com/en/blog/egypt-tourism-2016

Now this is what the World and Mauritius Hospitality, Travel & Tourism is about to experience not for a few months but for a few long years min 3 to 9 years before we get back to the same numbers we had previously recorded and ever dreamed of reaching. And the precious lessons we must all adopt now.

The Opportunities

With time of crisis, there is a lot of opportunities for those is favour to revise their Hospitality, Travel & Tourism offers but most importantly will help those who are smart enough to rework their product offering and a total restructuring of their entire operations to make it more efficient and sustainable, with the ability to adapt to change fast and to make their product offerings reachable and convertable with an added value such as competitive pricing and but most importantly reverse their entire marketing strategies and target markets.

Local Project for Mauritius – www.IleMaurice.Voyage (Live Site) For sale or lease.

Mauritius.cn.com (Chinese Market also for sale or lease.) first to be traveling out of china after this quarantine is over +1B travellers the world largest travel market.

Global OTA based on a Market Sharing Economic Model BookAirtickets.Flights | BookBusinessClass.Flights & BookFirstClass.Flights Inviting all Airlines to invest in these Global OTA Booking Model.

Project Funding here – https://www.smergers.com/business/travel-portal-investment-opportunity-in-mauritius/uyfoo/

Remember these companies were all created post crisis 2008 | UBER | AIRBNB & more – https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/startups-great-recession

The World is on a reset so should your business strategies, model and plans.


Source – https://www.phocuswire.com/coronavirus-global-hotel-strategy-part-1

From what I have studied (Bachelor of Commerce in Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurship Degree from Curtin 2007) and worked for from all my work experiences, travels and knowledge during all my life. We are about to all be tested and pushed to the limit of our survival skills, creativity and passion to succeed. In crisis like these, there is always room for greater opportunities for all. Not only the hotels but everyone involved in this Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industry, the lifeblood of World-wide businesses.

Unless, we revise immediately our “Tourism Offer” with a very attractive “Destination Package and Pricing Strategy” and open our Resorts, Hotels to all travellers right away after the lockdown with a well thought targeted global digital marketing campaign for each countries just like www.IleMaurice.Voyage (For Sale or For Lease) we are heading for the greatness recession in Mauritius, which will affect us all from the CEO to the Taxi Driver.

I predict that we will have a 80% to 90% drop for the next 6 to 24 months and that will remain as this percentage for minium 3 to 5 years before we get back to 1.2M tourists per year we have only managed to get for the past 10 years. A very mediocre result we must not be proud of and very far from the 2M a year tourism plan promised by the Government before Covid 19.

In order to remain competitive regionally and internationally and beat competitors who will try tap in this low traveller market ahead of us all. Hotels and airlines must drop and adjust their pricing strategy for the next couple of years to match the local rates in order to stand a chance to keep their business afloat and drive their most loyal clients and have them returning to Mauritius this December and the following year. The sole objective is to retain our 1.2M tourists the +100K a month that helped Mauritius and all Mauritians survived before this global economic collapse.

The Losers …

will be the ones who will be too late to adopt a fast change for innovation and who will adopt a “Wait and See” plan. Most of those will be left behind and might end up down the bankruptcy road. Many businesses will drop their heavy resources such as staffs, suppliers and will of course adopt a “Save the Sinking Ship” short term solution. They must absolutely work on their mid to long term plans.

The Winners …

will be the smart hotels and tourism organisation to implement a win-win traveller hotel airline offer. Those who want to jump on this opportunity will have to adopt such a “Competitive Pricing Strategy” to stay afloat at least until things around the World gets back to normal.

In Conclusion …

Profits will become last of their worries.

Break even will be the new benchmark as bankruptcy will be their failure with the end of their existence and careers.

Clients Retention, Satisfaction and Loyalty will become their priority.

Expect amazing value travel deals this 2020/2021 with amazing airlines, hotels apply this strategy globally!

Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me to work on your Digital Marketing Strategy this 2020/2021 or should wish to invest in any our premium domains and projects which all are for sale or seeking investors for serious JV.


Sebastien Staub – Founder & Editor

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We are facing an unprecedented situation since COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic. Most of the countries around the world have opted for a lockdown to stop the virus.

In Mauritius, confinement measures have been extended to the 4th of May 2020.

As a consequence, we at Sun Limited have temporarily suspended all our operations in our 7 properties, namely Long Beach, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue, Ambre and Ile aux Cerfs in Mauritius and Kanuhura in the Maldives, as well as our branded hotels Four Seasons Resorts Mauritius at Anahita and Shangri- La’s Le Touessrok Resort and Spa.

We have taken all precautions to make sure that our associates are staying safely at home. As a family, we contact them regularly to ensure that they lack nothing.

We ensured that every single guest from our resorts reached home safely.

We are already missing them all!

As per our plan, we have decided to maintain the last phase of renovation for Sugar Beach as soon as the lockdown will be ended. Our guests will enjoy a great new experience as from October with a fully renovated hotel.

For Long Beach, La Pirogue, Ambre, and Kanuhura, bookings are open and we hope to welcome back our guests as soon as the borders reopen.

 Our reservation teams are working from home and are available for any help in planning your next holidays.

To facilitate any decision, we have decided to set up flexible policies. Until further notice, for all new bookings done through our website or reservation centre, modification, change or even cancellation up to the day prior to arrival without any cancellation fees will be possible.

If bookings are done via online travel agencies, tour operators, travel agents or any third parties, their respective cancellation/refund policies will be applicable.

Stay safe! We are looking forward to welcoming you back soon.

François Eynaud

CEO of Sun Ltd