Ingredients for 4 pax

Lotus carpaccio
Lotus root 500 g
Shanxi vinegar 5 cl
Sodium bicarbonate 1 g

Soy sauce 10 cl
White rice vinegar 3 cl
Sugar 3 g
Mince ginger 5 g
Chopped green onion 15 g
Chopped coriander 10 g

Lotus filling
Pumpkin coulis
Diced pumpkin 150g (5 cm side)
Sesame oil  1cl
Mint 5g
Olive oil 5cl
Celery salt  1g

Fried lotus
Lotus root 100g
Frying oil 1 l
Dry ginger powder 3g

Lotus spices cream
Lotus root  250g
Tomato 150g
Potato 150g
Ginger paste 3g
Garlic paste 3g
Coriander chopped 3g
Garam masala spice  2g
Turmeric powder 1g
Green peas 150g
Yogurt 20g
Salt  5g

Micro green coriander  7g
Sesame seeds black 2g
Dry ginger chips 12 pces


Peeled the lotus head. Slice it thinly of 2 mm thickness.
Heat the water, add the sodium and the salt.
Put the slices in the water and blanche them only to keep them crunchy.
Cool them down in the ice water.

Blend all the ingredients in the blender except the green onions and the coriander will be added at the end.
Keep in the fridge.

Lotus filling
Steam the diced pumpkin until it become soft.
Add a dash of sesame oil, the olive oil and the celery salt.
Blend the mixture and mesh it.
The fresh mint will use as a garnish.
Put the filling in the pastry bag and keep in the fridge.

Fried lotus
Peeled and slice the lotus 2 mm thickness.
Heat the oil and deep fried them to get a golden brown color.
Sprinkle the ginger powder and the salt, keep them in a dry space.

Lotus spices cream
Cook the potatoes, the lotus, the peas in the salted water until they get soft. Then put them in the blender add the fresh tomato and the other ingredients.
Put the mix in a sphere lollipop mold in store it in the freezer.

In the plate put the blanched lotus slices, brush them with the sauce, sprinkle them with the herbs.
Put the pumpkin filling in 15 lotus holes, put the mint julienne on each.
Put the ice cream sphere 3 per person with a fried lotus chips on each.
Finish with the garnish.