Ingredients for 4 pax

Ravioli dough (It has to be done the day before)

Flour 250 g
Eggs yolk  8 pieces (150 g)
Sesame oil  1,5 cl
Guangdong tea  8 g
(Need to grind it before to get a thin powder)
Salt 3 g

Mascarpone cheese  200 g
Firm tofu 100 g
Salt 3 g
Wood chips to smoke the tofu

Watercress water
Watercress 125 g
Salted butter 6 g
Water 0.5 L

Watercress base 
Watercress water 150 g
Ginger 15 g
Kaffir lime leaves 1 leave

Guangdong butter tea
Salted butter 125 g
Tea 3 g

Watercress sauce 
Watercress base 100g
Tea butter 60 g
Salt 3 g

Vegetables broth
Carrot 150 g
Onion 100 g
Leek 150 g
Celery bunch 50 g
Clove 1 piece
Coriander seeds  2 g
Water 2.5 L

Mint leaves 10 g
Coriander leaves 10 g
Watercress leaves 10 g
Flowers 12 pieces
(Any kind according to the season)
Smoked Tofu cubes 20 g
Olive oil


Peeled all the veggies and diced them in big cubes (1 cm by 1 cm side)
Put them in the cold water, add the coriander and the clove. Cook during 40 min.
Then leave the veggies to go down in the soup pot and strain it to keep the clear broth only.

Ravioli dough:
The day before prep the dough, blend the flour, the yolk, the sesame oil, the tea powder and the salt in the Kitchen Aid (batter mixer), important to use the hook only.
The dough will make a ball. Wrap this bowl with the plastic film and keep it overnight in the fridge.

Chef’s tip:
To make sure the dough is ready, the mix will not stick anymore more on the stainless steel bowl.
If the dough is still stuck you add more flour.
If you are leaving in a very humid place you need to add more flour.

The next day, spread the dough with the dough sheeter or a home-style pasta machine to 1 mm thickness.
I f you do not have any machine you can use a regular rolling pin.
Keep the dough in the fridge.

Put the mascarpone and the tofu in a humid fabric towel.
Put the wooden chip in the bottom of the stainless steel bowl, put a metal grill on top (for example the one you can find in the micro wave),
Burn the wooden chips with a torch, Put the mascarpone and the tofu on the grill, cover and leave like that 20 min.
Then remove the cheese and the tofu and keep half of the tofu for the garnish and put the rest in the blender with the mascarpone, then until you get a silk texture. Check the seasoning.
Mesh the mixture and put it in a pastry bag.

On the ravioli dough, pour the mix, little bit depends of the size of the ravioli you want to make, every 4 cm.
Then fold them in triangle shape of 4 cm side like the samosa. Keep them in the fridge.

Watercress water
Keep only the leaves, then chopped grossly the bunch.
Sautéed them with the butter, then add the water and leave them to cook about 10 min, then leave cool down outside of the stove.
Then the mix is cold, put it in the blender and add the watercress leaves..
Blend until you get a silky texture, then mesh with a linen.

Watercress base
Boiled slowly the watercress water.
Chopped the ginger and the kaffir lime leaves and put them in a cheese cloth and leave the small bag to infuse in the water about 5 min.

Tea butter
Diced the butter in small cubes and leave it outside to get it soft.
Whisk it in the bowl to get it silky then add the tea powder. Keep it in the fridge.

Prepare all the leaves and seasoning them at the last minute with the olive oil.


In the salted water, poached the ravioli during 2 min then add some butter.
In the soup bowl, put 5 ravioli the garnish.
Blend the tea butter with the watercress base to get it foamy and put some between each ravioli.
Keep some broth in the tea pot to pour at the last minute on the ravioli.