Ingredients for 4 persons:

Pork filet mignon 1 kg
Black Conghua honey 30 g
Butter 30 g
Olive oil 5 cl

Pork juice 
Onion 100 g
Laurel leaves 1 piece
Tomato 100 g
Garlic 10 g
White wine 50 cl
Vegetables stock  50 cl
Butter 30 g
Olive oil 5 cl
Conghua Pollen  20 g

Potato twist and rhubarb
Big local potato (firm) 1 Kg
Clarified butter 2 kg
Pollen 10 g
Dry chilli flakes 3 g
Rhubarb fresh 200 g
Lemon 1 piece
Brown sugar 20 g

Honeycomb 60 g
(cut 3 cm diam)
Pollen 12 g
Dry tomato skin chips 12 pieces
Potato chips 12 pieces
Dry chilli flakes 12 pieces


Prepare the filet and remove the nerve and the skin. Keep the trimming for the juice.
Season the filet with the salt and pepper.
In the sauce pot add the olive oil and the butter, seared the pork to get a light brown colour on the entire surface of the loin, add the honey, cover the pot and put in the oven at 240 c during 5 min.
Remove the meat, keep it on side and use the pot for the pork sauce.

Pork juice
Sautéed the pork trimming with butter and olive oil, when the trimmings get the right colour, add the garnish.
Sweat and pour the white wine and the vegetable stock. Check the seasoning and boiled.
Leave it too cook slowly about a hour. Strain and keep it warm.

Potato twist
Peel the potatoes and keep the skin to make some chips.
Cut the skin in long triangle (3 cm wide by 6 cm by 6 cm), then keep them in the cold water.
Use the potato twist to make the right shape.
Heat the clarified butter at 150 c to blanched the potatoes (to cook them first inside).
Then before to serve them we have to increase the temperature to 170 c to fried them to get a crispy colour.

The rhubarb
Cut the rhubarb in stick of 5 cm length and put them with the lemon juice and the brown sugar to marinade them like a pickle during 2 hours.

Deep-fried the potato skin chips and the potato twist at 170 c until they get golden brown.
Rea-heat the pork filet with the pork juice, then slice it with 1 cm thick slice (5 slices per guest)
Diced the rhubarb in small cubes (1 mm side).
Pour the sauce in the plate, add the pork, 1 potato twist per guest, the garnish.