Ingredients for 4 persons:

Alive turbot fish 4 kg
Sage 10 g

Fish stock
Turbot fish bones all you have after the fish has been cut
Onion 50 g
Carrot 50 g
Laurel leave 1 piece
White wine 25 cl

Fish stock 50 cl
Dry hibiscus flower 5 pieces
Milk 25 cl
Heavy cream 25 cl
Mandarin juice 2 pieces
Sugar 5 g
White vinegar little

Mandarin chips
Mandarin 2 pieces
Sugar 200 g
Water 22 cl

Sea salt flower
Deep fried sage leave 12 pieces
Dry mandarin powder 3 g
Dry hibiscus flower 4 pieces

Chef’s tip:
When you choose a turbot fish, it’s better to order a minimum size of 4 kg because in the small ones the flesh is not thick enough and the fish become dry very fast or overcooked.
Important to know that the turbot fish you have 70% of spoilage.


Remove the fish filet keep the bones for the stock.
Put the sage on the fish skin. Keep the fish in the fridge.

Sweat the fish bones with the chopped onions, carrot and the laurel.
Add the white wine, then pour the water at the level of the bones.
Cook slowly 7 min.

Boiled the stock and add the dry hibiscus, add the milk, the cream, the juice of the 2 mandarin.
When the sauce is boiling, strain it and check the seasoning and add the sugar and the salt and a dash of vinegar. Keep the sauce warm.

Mandarin chips
Get back the mandarin skins and peel them with the peeler.
Do not put the white part, which is really bitter to eat.
Cut the skin in rectangle 3 cm by 5 cm side.
In the pot boiled the water and the sugar, add the zest and leave like that during 30 minutes
Strain and leave the skin on the pastry sheet pan, then baked at 135 c during 25 minutes.

Fish cooking 
Take the fish out of the fridge, brush each filet with the sauce, then sealed the bag and cook them at 40 c during 10 min.

Remove the fish filet from the bags, spread gain the sauce on each and put them under the salamander or the grill option in your oven.
Set up the fish in the plate, some sauce around, the garnish as well. Keep some extra sauce on side to be served separately.